12 wns威尼斯98管理 Tips That Everyone Should Know


wns威尼斯98管理 不仅仅是预订机票, 汽车和住宿, then saying goodbye at the departure gate…not that wns威尼斯98管理经理 ever accompany you to the departure gate!

wns威尼斯98管理经理 also organise travel partnerships with 酒店, 航空公司, car hire companies and other relevant services; create and update the travel policy; ensure employees are safe while on the road; plan meetings and schedules; ensure the travel experience is as productive and valuable as possible; and make sure staff adhere to the travel policy among other tasks. It’s a big job that requires a combination of expert training, attention to detail and people management skills.

该领域的经验, 就像大多数职业的任何领域一样, will develop certain tricks of the trade that can be applied to the travel planning process. 如果你自己安排旅行计划, here are 12 travel management tips you should know to ensure your trips runs as smoothly as possible.

1. 早期的书

Some business trips come up at the last minute, so it’s not always possible to book early. However, the earlier you book, the cheaper the costs will be and the more choice you will have.

2. 检讨旅游政策

花15分钟阅读旅游政策. You’ll get a thorough understanding of the businesses expectations, 如果你认为它需要更新, 让旅游经理知道.

3. 彻底计划你的旅行

Once you’ve booked flights, accommodation, cars and other services, any changes can be expensive. Take the time to plan what you need before launching into the booking phase.

4. 充分利用你的时间

If you’re travelling and you’ve only got one meeting, try and incorporate other business related activities into your trip. 你能见见其他客户吗? 你能拜访潜在的新客户吗? Can you add another leg onto the journey to get more business done?

5. 使用在线wns威尼斯98管理工具

Online travel management tools can save time and money for businesses and employees alike. 它确保使用首选供应商, 必要时给予批准, 沟通是流线型的, 捕获费用, 并且很容易创建报告. It’s the easiest way to ensure travel policy compliance.

6. 向旅游经理要一些旅行津贴

航空公司, 酒店, car hire companies and other travel service providers often give companies perks to become their preferred supplier. These include frequent flyer miles and free hotel stays, 所以如果你经常出差, ask the Travel Manager if they can give you some as a bonus for your next holiday.

7. 参加忠诚计划

You’d be amazed at the potential perks you could enjoy just by signing up to hotel, 航空公司和其他忠诚计划. 你真的不需要做任何事, but when you ask for an upgrade at the check-in desk, being a member might just get you a positive response. Other possible benefits could include free breakfasts, 末次, and a bottle of wine waiting for you on your bed when you arrive!

8. 做好准备

Make sure your phone has every phone number you could possibly need while on the road. Need to contact someone at the office straight away? 确保你有他们的电话号码. Need to find the car service you’ve booked because they’re MIA? 确保你有他们的电话号码. Need the hotel to do something for you at short notice? 确保你有他们的电话号码. 你懂的……

9. Download apps from the airline you’re flying with

在你离开酒店之前, check the airline app to see if your flight has been delayed or the boarding gate has changed. Better to be stuck in your hotel room for a few hours than at the airport.

10. Leave a detailed schedule with people who matter

这条规则适用于你的任何旅行. To ensure family and colleagues know where you should be at all times, 给他们留一份详细的时间表. That way if anything goes wrong they can contact you immediately.

11. 检查你的旅行保险

You should never travel without insurance because anything can happen. 你可能会生病, 行李可能会丢失, or any one of thousands of other things might happen that could end up costing a lot of money. 检查你的旅行保险 policy and make sure you’re covered for where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.

12. 做好准备,尽量减少时差反应

Business trips are usually on a tight schedule, so the last thing you want to do is arrive at your destination unable to do your work because you’ve got a bad case of jet lag. 多喝水, 避免酒精和咖啡, and get enough sleep on your flight so you’re fresh when you land. This could be one of those times when spending a little extra on a business class seat will be more than made up for in greater productivity.

Is your business spending too much on corporate travel?

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